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  Instructors:Christian Sekhanan (eCSentric crew/ Choreographer)
  CL "Frostyle" Trasmaño (Krumpinoy/ Floorgeeks/ Altas)
  Bboy Rekin (Funk Roots/United Floormasters Championship- Champion)

(Ages 5-12)
  The most basic problems of kids when it comes to dancing are: left-right reversals, manipulation of weight, insensitivity to music, and awkwardness of movement. here in d'southrotation, we make it a point to help kids with these problems to help advance them from looking like kids to real dancing. skills and drills taught in this course are beneficial to the kids in a general sense thus preparing them for following choreography or dancing in general.


  Hip Hop I (HH101) – Movement

  This level is intended for those who wish to venture into Hip Hop dancing but have no experience
  in dance. Here our curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals in preparation for Hip Hop as
  well as any other form of street or modern dancing. Moves like the pencil turn, heel & toe, Quick
  Ball-change and many more are covered in this course.

  Hip Hop II (HH102) - Original Hip Hop

  Original Hip Hop level will take students into the origins of Hip Hop. Our curriculum was created to
  introduce what true Hip Hop snobs would call “True Hip Hop” which is comprised of Locking
  (Campbell Locking), Popping and Bboying (commonly known as breakdance). As the 3 founding
  styles of Hip Hop, we here at d’SOUTHrotation find it necessary to equip dancers with knowledge
  and mastery of the roots which will make the transitions into more modern styles of hip hop
  smoother and help explain many concepts in both old and new schools of Hip Hop.

  Hip Hop III (HH103) – Hip Hop Evolution

  The 3rd installment of the Hip Hop courses, this course enters the Hip Hop-Pop era wherein Hip
  Hop was widely accepted and universalized. The timeline of the subject matter in this level is
  concentrated on the time when Hip Hop started merging with a lot of different styles of dance. Here
  the students will get a taste of “Commercial Hip Hop” which is what is now loosely understood as
  “Hip Hop” nowadays. Street Dance, Krump, Groove, Sexy Hip Hop are examples of the styles that
  will be tackled in this course.

  Hip Hop IV (HH201) – New Styles & Revivals

  This Level is considered Hip Hop 201 on the basis of recency. The start of our advance Hip Hop
  course, this level is designed to introduce what is called “New Styles” or “New School Hip Hop”. The
  most modern form of Hip Hop and is also considered the most debatable form of Hip Hop by Hip
  Hop enthusiasts. Wacking, House, LA Style (Bay Style), Krump, Vogue, Animation, Jazzfunk and
  Contemporary Hip Hop compose this course.

  Hip Hop V (HH202) – Choreography

  The 2nd level of the Advance Hip Hop course which is intended to teach choreography. From the
  etymology of the word “Choreography”; “choro” meaning dance and “-graphy” meaning writing,
  choreography is the other half of Hip Hop dancing as opposed to Freestyling. This course is intended
  to help students develop a personal style in terms of composing a dance. This very intensive course
  will help its students define their style as well as understand the styles of others. This includes being
  taught advance choreography and being taught how to choreograph.

  MASTER'S CLASS (Advance Hip Hop)

  D'SOUTHROTATION Master's Class delivers acclaimed choreographers and dancers right to the
  southern doorsteps. Here in this class we introduce different teachers with different styles and
  specialties that we at d'southrotation have come to call "masters". New styles, Locking, Krump,
  House, Laid Back, Eccentric, Jazzfunk, LA Style, Contemporary... the list goes on as we bring to you
  the best choreographers and dancers in the metro.

the eCSentric style is one that puts you into a state of awareness of music that focuses on mood interpretation as well as song deconstruction. this newstyle, founded by our very own Christian Sekhanan, boasts creativity and offers a certain awkwardness that only eCSentric can offer. taught by eCSentric crew themselves, this pre-enrolment/drop-in class is something only d'SOUTHrotation can offer.

  Jesse "Bboy REKIN" Cambosa
  (Funk Roots/United Floormasters Championship- Champion)

  BREAKDANCE (bboying)

  Breakdance is commonly viewed as physically challenging as well as
  potentially dangerous. Although these thoughts are not without basis, it is
  still pretty far from the actual truth. Breakdance is as safe as dancing
  can get. here at d'southrotation we concentrate on the fundamentals of 
  breakdance which removes alot of these potential dangers. This class also concentrates on
  developing flexibility and endurance, and while it is true that some strength is required to pull-off
  bboy moves, most (if not all) of it is based on skill and technique. With the right technique and solid
  fundamentals you greatly diminish the effort and risk.

Instructor: Ice Dela Cruz


The common usage for the term “ballroom dance” actually refers to dance styles of international standard and international latin. Our ballroom curriculum is a 3-joint program which features modern standard (Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep), modern latin (rumba, chachacha, samba, jive), and Social Dancing (Millonga, swing, reggae, mambo, bachatta). Although we understand that, as a social dance, ballroom can be learned through merely going to a ballroom club and learning while dancing, we also understand that ballroom is also a dance form which has fundamentals and principles. The fundamentals and principles of these dance styles vary not only in music but in form and intention, something that cannot be learned or fully understood from a mere social dancing situation. Here at d’SOUTHrotation we intend to teach ballroom for both social and competitive standards.


An ancient system of breathing practices, physical exercises and postures, and meditation intended to integrate the practitioner's body, mind, and spirit. This originally Indian practice has been used more universally in this modern age. Although the intention of this exercise is to attain divinity, it has been highly used as a method to improve flexibility and promote health.

"Here at d’southrotation we believe that dance should be used as an ART but should be learned like a SCIENCE."

For whatever reasons, you can avail the studio for P300/hour. Minimum of 2hrs.
For the dance crews: P250/hour. Minimum of 2hrs.

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