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Bboy Rekin.

Bboy Rekin a.k.a. Jesse Cambosa, leader of Funk Roots crew, been bboying for almost 8 years, has won numerous battles locally some are: United Floormasters Crew Battle 2005, San Miguel Octoberfest Crew Battle 2006, Pepsi Groove Crew Battle 2007, All The Way live 2009, has the best record in United Floormasters 1-on-1 Bboy Battle.

"When I chose to live the bboy life it made a good impact in me. Even though people at time were so concerned and bothered about me, that-it will not do me good and even sometimes what’s even worse is when they criticize me and don’t give appreciation to this dance I loved, it made me love it even more 'cos I know deep inside its making me a better person, realizing that dance is like life and vice versa. It made me work harder and focus on things I want to achieve, to become a positive spark for people around me. It began to be an inspiration, a portal to that deeper side of me."

"I  think to be a great bboy must start in the depths of the mind, to form your own structure of movement from what is handed from the past by the masters and be the master of your own…"

Bboy Teecee.

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Bboy Surreal.

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Bboy Frostyle.

Best characterized by his afro, CL has been a popular figure in the hip hop dance community in manila, readily participating in many noteworthy events. Working with some of the philippines' most prominent dance groups, CL has always stayed humble, keeping his eyes stuck on God and what he considers his soulful medium of expression, dance. CL is known for his bountiful knowledge of hip hop styles but, all would agree, krump is CL's main mode of expression. CL and Krump is like love and marriage. Leader of the breakdance crew "Floor Geeks" and currently part of Krumpinoy, CL is more than happy to share his love for dance with anyone who wishes to partake in it.

Louie Canaria.

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"I'm Louie Canaria. I am a member UPLB Streetjazz Dance Company and Urban Elite. I'm more focuse on new style hiphop but I'm also willing to learn other genres of hiphop so as to be versatile for a hiphop dancer. I believe that there's always a room for inprovement, like you can always go far from where you started, 'cos that's exactly what happened to me. :D Thanks God!"
From the popular choreography tandem "Erik and Louie". "Louie Canaria" has been a household name for those familiar with hip hop dance in the Philippines. Taking Manila by storm, "Laid Back Fridays: Erik and Louie" has been one of the most sought after community classes in metro manila. Louie has been giving classes almost everywhere in Northern Metro Manila. Whether alongside his brother in dance, Erik Javier, or by himself, Louie Canaria has proven himself many times over as a noteworthy choreographer and teacher. D'SOUTHROTATION has opened this small window of opportunity for the southern metro natives who wish to learn from Louie himself.

Christian Sekhanan.

Everybody, we would like you to meet Christian Sekhanan, artistic director of eCSentric crew. Considered by many to be real artist, Christian has been all but loud. keeping mostly to himself and to his crew, Christian has been in the choreography business for a good few years. Leading one of the metro's choreography-based crews, Christian has indulged himself in the art of dance but not as medium of expression but as a philosophical vehicle. Equipped with his own brand of eccentric dance, Christian is willing to share his style with any who want to learn it.


Phill Pamintuan.

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"My name is Phillip Pamintuan. I am a member of CADs, Krumpinoy and Unschooled. My style is "Soul hip-hop". I believe that what is really important in dancing is showing what you believe in. Whether it be krump, locking, popping or commercial hip-hop. It's not about the moves, it's about what moves you! (",)"

EauJ Corpuz.

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"Hi! My name is EauJ from the dance group,
XFX. I started dancing seriously back in 2003 under the tutelage of Joshua Zamora (MNVRS) & Jerome Dimalanta (UP Street Crew). I then went to the U.S. in 2004 & 2006 to train in commercial hiphop dance in L.A. & N.Y. I had been a choreographer in the Philippines since then; working with a few artists and several universities like ADMU & DLSU for performances and competitions."

"The reason why I dance is primarily because of the connection that I make with different people & the significance that I feel whenever I'm able to share what I have with them & they in turn appreciate it & are made happy & inspired."

"God Bless you, d'South!"

Prince Paltu-ob.

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Prince Paltu-ob also known as Prince the King. A choreographer and leader of the group Pinoy Funkin Style. He's been dancing ever since he was 15, considering his favorite styles: Locking, Popping, House, Neu Jack Swing, Breakdance and Soul. Prince' main purpose in life is to help and inspire people through dancing, because dancing is such a strong tool that it can change people's lives. his favorite dancers are Philippine Allstars, Lenny Len from Canada, Steady Point ~ Terry from Taiwan and GoGo Brothers of Japan.

Joyce Cariaso.

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Joyce Cariaso is a member of
and Groove Jackz. She trained herself in Debbie Reynolds back in 2006-2008 and in Millenium Dance Complex.

"I love every kind of dancing and I would love to learn every style if I had the time. Haha. I took and tried different kinds of dances like HipHop, Jazz Funk, Jazz and Contemporary."

"My favorite dancers are Niko Bolante, Prince & Reagan, Madelle, Kel, Lenny Len, David Moore, Marty Kudelka, Beat Freaks, Misha Gabriel, Nick Bass, Panny Pak and Jillian Meyers!"

"I love eating chocolates!"

Krista Roma.

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Krista Roma, 22 yrs. old; graduate of BS Legal Management at Ateneo de Manila University,
alumni of Company of Ateneo Dancers (CADs) and was once a member of an all-girl group namely Stylettos. Krista is currently a freelance choreographer, teaching in various school crews like "Southville South Crew" and "Aftaskoo Crew" (College of St. Benilde). She's also teaching Ladies HipHop @ Brewing Point Dance Studio.

Patrick Caballa.

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Pat Caballa: 29 years old,
graduate of UP Diliman College of Fine Arts, member of Philippine All-Stars and leader of the group Krumpinoy!

"I'm better at expressing who I am through krump than through writing"

Photos by: Bumblebom