eCSentric crew

Director/Founder/Choreographer: Christian "C-Sick" Sekhanan

Assistant Director:
Nicole Mari Santos


Bom Quiachon
Kristine Ihada
Henry Balisalisa
Kevin Cortes
Vic “Plum” Pascual
Denise Cariaso
Lou Kenjo Ortilla
Elana Cabrera
Hanna Morcilla
Florence Joyner Descalzo
Mark Uriel Tayson
Marco Mago
Toff Arbes
Savipra Gorospe
Meimei Iiyama
Felice Diane Pimentel

Crew description:

The one and only modern hip-hop (bay style) dance crew in the wicked south! heck, maybe even in the entire National Capital Region!

formed september 01 2007 during the Southvibe hip-hop dance group competition '07, eCSentric has been performing eversince then. with early crew performances such as SISC "unforgettable" 2007-2008, International Children's Month Mall Show, etc...

eCSentric is composed of dancers of beginners to exprienced levels all dancing under the same color (purple). working closely with Southside New Breed and other constituents from other crews. Directed and Choreographed by Christian Sekhanan (originally from Southville Dance Troupe and UST bio pool of Talents).

watch out as we bring modern hip-hop to you in a very eccentric way.

"there's no harm in being a little eccentric..." - Amanda Peet from the movie "Martian Child"

Crew Story:

October 2007, SouthVIBE hip hop group dance contest eliminations were being held at Southville Int'l School and Colleges gymnasium 2. The Competition was open to all hip hop groups.

Christian Sekhanan founded "Excentric" for the purpose of joining this particular competition. To make his style known. He gathered college students from Southville to make up the team. The dancers were not picked according to skill or dance experience but they were picked according to commitment and availability. Not all the members had experience dancing hip-hop and even more bizarre is that some of which had no experience dancing AT ALL. But Christian believed in their capabilities following the philosophy that....

"It's not what they know... but what they are willing to learn."

Christian Sekhanan himself had no professional experience choreographing since he's more concentrated on singing and studying, taking up BS Psychology in SISC. Still Christian gathered the few but willing to his cause and trained them almost every weekday. The members took time off their valuable "rest" or "leisure" time to train in the style Christian situated.

the style of dancing was very unconventional even for those who have had experience dancing since the choreography style consisted of many "weird" or unusual movements and did NOT measure within the typical "8 counts". Christian had them memorize the songs to be danced to before actual choreography teaching took place. They understood so little at first but in time they all got the picture...

They stood their ground in the eliminations. Groups that were in the eliminations consisted of dance groups like Execute Crew, Cool Boyz, and even well founded groups like the Intensity Dancers, and the break dance crew Southside New Breed. Competition was tight with Excentric being the most inexperienced crew but in the end they came up as number one spot during the eliminations, scoring a fantastic  97% from the judges. Although they eventually lost to Intensity Dancers during the final competition, they made their names known and Christian's choreography became well acknowledged by audiences and peer dancers as well.

The Crew changed their name from "Excentric" to "eCSentric" (CS comes from Christian's Initials) to reinstate them as an independent crew from Southville, performing inside and outside of the college.




SouthVIBE Dance group competition 2007

SISC “Unforgettable”

Avantism’s Expresso Dance Night

Alabang Town Center Post Valentine Concert “For the Love of Dance”

Easter Mall Show at Glorietta

BreZeeZ: Wer Da Fun Don Stop



Online Profiles: